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Clients ask us this question because our content marketing software finds and provides content for social selling initiatives. In conjunction with our software, our clients also want strategic advice and training so their sales teams can keep up with social selling best practices.

To answer the question, “Do you know any social selling training companies?” we developed a list of the Top 23 Social Selling Training Companies. First, we started with a large pool of candidates by asking our network and searching Google, LinkedIn, and Kitedesk’s social sales influencer list. Then, we narrowed the list to 23 after analyzing each company’s website, LinkedIn employee profiles, and social presence. While more comprehensive, our methodology can be summed up by one question: would we put this company on a short list that we would give to one of our clients?


Yes, 23 is a lot of “top” social selling training companies. But, since the market is still evolving, we recommend choosing social selling training companies on this list that best match your specific objectives and needs. Some social selling training companies specialize by social network, industry, sales team characteristic, or company size. Others prefer a particular training format type such as speaking, small group, webinar or video training. And, location may be an important consideration.

A good social selling training program that meets your needs, combined with the right software, metrics, processes, and team, will kickstart any social selling initiative.

Please share with us your social selling training experience. If we missed a company that should be on this list let us know in the comments section.

Triblio’s Top 23 Social Selling Training Companies 

Lead Social Sales Trainer Company Headquarters No. of Employees
Jill Rowley #socialselling San Francisco 1-5
Trish Bertuzzi Bridge Group Boston 6-20
Jeffrey Gitomer Buy Gitomer Charlotte 6-20
Tom Martin Converse Digital New Orleans 1-5
Valarie Sparks Hospitality Social Selling San Diego 1-5
Mike O’Neil Integrated Alliances Minneapolis 1-5
Jacco van der Kooij Jacco San Francisco 1-5
Jill Konrath Jill Konrath Minneapolis 6-20
Paul McCord McCord Training Midland 1-5
Jeff Molander Molander & Assoc. Ft. Myers 1-5
Mike Weinberg New Business Sales St Louis 1-5
Julio Viskovich Next Level Sales Vancouver 1-5
Anneke Seley Reality Works Gr. San Francisco 6-20
Jamie Shanks Sales for Life Toronto 6-20
David Eades Sales Performance Charlotte 100+
Sam Richter SBR Worldwide Minneapolis 1-5
Lori Richardson Score More Sales Boston 1-5
Craig Elias SHIFT Selling Calgary 1-5
Nancy Nardin Smart Selling Tools Sacramento 1-5
Barbara Giamanco Social Centered Selling Atlanta 1-5
Brynne Tillman Social Sales Link Philadelphia 1-5
Jim Keenan The Sales Guy Denver 1-5
Steve Richard VorsightBP Washington DC 6-20


Jason Jue
Jason Jue

Jason Jue is currently cofounder and chief marketing officer of Triblio, an account based marketing software provider for the web. He was previously chief marketing officer of Vocus, a publically traded PR software provider; VP of marketing of Rackspace; and held positions at Dell as general manager of ecommerce in Asia and executive director of global SMB CRM.