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In today’s episode we chat with Karen Gardner, the Chief Marketing Officer of Sonatype. Sonatype is the leader in software supply chain management. Karen leads their marketing team and has over 20 years of experience covering corporate, field and product marketing and sales enablement.


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 Highlights of Today’s Interview


The buyer’s journey starts earlier and with less involvement from sales.
Sonatype’s marketing strategy is focused around the buyer’s journey. Karen’s marketing team is recognizing that the buyer is now more than ever before in control of their journey. The buyer is doing more upfront research and peer research before reaching out to sales.

Be present and relevant to potential buyers by being in all the places in which they’re engaging and interacting both online and offline.” – Karen Gardner, Chief Marketing Officer @ Sonatype (CLICK HERE TO TWEET)

Listen to customers and speak with influencers.
Listening to the customers is a priority at Sonatype. They’ve formed alliances with the influencers of their target audience and communicate with them openly and often to evaluate and discuss ideas.

Time and attention is precious, don’t waste an opportunity.
When creating content Sonatype aims to be quick and concise by leading with the main key points upfront but builds in options for their audience to dive deeper into specific topics if desired.

Numbers are important but real feedback from a customer could be more valuable
Sonatypes measures views, clicks, conversions but also likes to heavily consider qualitative metrics like comments or direct feedback from their audience.

The type of content you deliver is important.
Peer insight (like user reviews, expert reviews etc..) is hugely important to Sonatype and research is a close second because of their highly analytical target audience. Third would be media like videos and podcasts because of the ease to multitask while consuming this type of content.

The more technical your audience, the more you need social, and FB is still limited for B2B social but great for advertising.
Karen says that the more technical the target audience, generally the more active they’ll be on Twitter and online communities. For true social media engagement Sonatype prefers Twitter and LinkedIn and reserves Facebook for paid advertising and retargeting campaigns. SlideShare has also been a strong channel for communicating with their target audience.

Facebook comes out highest because you’re catching someone when they’re not already succumbed with work thoughts” – Karen Gardner, Chief Marketing Officer @ Sonatype (CLICK HERE TO TWEET)

Content marketing and influencer marketing become one.
Karen predicts that “Content marketing merges together with influencer marketing.” Sonatype makes it a priority to leverage a variety of influencer groups, internally and externally.

The strategies that are concretely tying that content marketing together with your influencer marketing program will become more important.” – Karen Gardner, Chief Marketing Officer @ Sonatype (CLICK HERE TO TWEET)