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Next week, Triblio will be participating in Summit 2020 with Forrester and SiriusDecisions, the must-attend virtual event in the B2B community this spring! Due to the novel coronavirus, sales reps, marketers, and product innovators will be attending from the safety and comfort of their own homes this year. The Triblio team will have a virtual booth and will be teaming with our client Blue Yonder for a case study presentation.

Crawl, Walk, Run with ABM to $10M in Pipeline

CASE STUDY | WED 5/6 12:35-12:55 PM ET

Blue Yonder is an AI-driven supply chain management (SCM) company. Formally JDA Software, Blue Yonder continues to provide seamless, friction-free commerce to its customers with the leading digital fulfillment platform and supply chain solutions. Its VP of Demand Generation, Arlyn Knox, has over 13 years’ experience driving innovative demand generation campaigns to drive sales pipeline. She is responsible for managing pipeline growth for enterprise software including ERP, CRM, supply chain, event management, RFP and surveys.

In 2019, the company shifted to an account-based marketing (ABM) program to better align marketing efforts to revenue goals. Triblio started working with Arlyn’s team early on, helping set up an account-based advertising pilot. Over the course of the year, Blue Yonder ran multiple campaigns and was able to influence millions of dollars in pipeline.

Blue Yonder’s Arlyn Knox and Triblio’s Chief Customer Officer, Andrew Mahr, will be presenting on how they developed a successful ABM strategy in the case study session, “Crawl, Walk, Run with ABM to $10M in Pipeline.” Attendees will get tips on how to build and measure ABM campaigns and see how Blue Yonder is expanding its ABM program in 2020 with multichannel personalization.

If you’re attending Summit 2020, add it to your agenda to join us live.

If you’re unable to attend the virtual event, click here to get the On-Demand presentation when it becomes available.