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In today’s episode of Triblio’s content marketing podcast we interview the Founder of Tenacity5 Media: Geoff Livingston

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Based in Washington D.C., Tenacity5 Media is an agency that specializes in helping brands develop strategies, content and social media plans that leverage data to deliver results.

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How important is visual content for B2B marketing? 

Visual media has become really important particularly because of our rising use of smart phones and tablets. Mobile traffic is dominating the internet traffic therefore mobile friendly visuals will help you get noticed on these devices and get you a share of the traffic.

Nobody wants to read an essay on their phone. So to stand out, you really have to have great visuals” – Geoff Livingston, Founder of Tenacity5 Media (CLICK TO TWEET)

Geoff recommends that B2B marketers leverage visuals like data visualization, graphics, photos, videos and he recommends that brands not be afraid to be entertaining in the process.

What trends do you see with video content?

Traditional advertising and broadcast TV is shifting to online video. Video is more popular than it’s ever been before but it’s shifting from traditional mechanisms like, broadcast and cable to downloads. Video content is being created by Netflix, AOL, Cisco, Amazon that are managing to attract a significant viewership away from regular TV. Savvy start-ups are capitalizing on this trend by creating their own TV programs or video programs for this new audience. B2B brands should take a closer look at video advertising as well as creating their own branded video content.

What’s the most effective marketing tactic you’ve used this past year?

The ability to understand how content marketing and online outreach is really impacting the bottom line has been the most effective marketing tactic that Geoff says he’s used. There’s a huge opportunity available to help people through this process and to better understand their data and better analyze what it means.

If you’re in marketing and you don’t know how you’re impacting the bottom line, that’s a problem!” – Geoff Livingston, Founder of Tenacity5 Media (CLICK TO TWEET)

What was your proudest content marketing success in 2014?

An ebook with Brian Solis and Gaping Void that generated 300,000 views on SlideShare and generated more than 1000 leads through the gate. (Click here to see it)

What trends will emerge in the next few years? 

Facebook is not going to become a very friendly medium for small businesses and we’re going to really see a departure of small businesses that are getting tired of the pay-to-play game.

Instagram and Pinterest are going to really start having a lot more play. Geoff believes:

Instagram is about to get much more professional, much more serious and perhaps charge you a lot more to get active on their site.” – Geoff Livingston, Founder of Tenacity5 Media (CLICK TO TWEET)

Geoff predicts that the Apple watch is going to fail this year. He doesn’t see the Apple watch having an advantage over the Samsung watch that he’s currently using. There will also be more pushing towards the wearable revolution because the technology is getting small enough to wear but it’s just not there from a usability perspective or voice recognition standpoint.

Data and the ability to analyze data will be increasingly important for the marketer.

CMO’s will be asking:

You did that Facebook campaign and you got me 20,000 impressions, 50 likes, and 20 new eyeballs on the website. What did that do?” – Geoff Livingston, Founder of Tenacity 5 Media (CLICK TO TWEET)

Geoff believes that if marketer’s can’t answer that question, they’ll lose power and if they repeatedly fail to answer that question, they’re going to lose their job.