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Next week, Triblio is taking part in DemandGen Report’s Campaign Optimization Series, a webinar series targeted at giving a glimpse into how companies can pivot their programs during the COVID-19 crisis. Our CEO, Andre Yee, will be presenting the webinar, “How ABM can Elevate Customer Retention and Drive Upsell” on Tuesday, May 12th at 3 pm ET. 

With more than two decades of experience in the martech industry, Andre has an outstanding record of growing successful software companies. Most recently, he was the SVP Product Development for Eloqua, responsible for product development and operations. Andre is a seasoned conference speaker and has spoken at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit, Canaccord Investors Conference, and the B2B Marketing ABM Conference in London. 

Why you should attend 

I think we can all agree that now, more than ever before, our customers are top priority. How well a company retains and delights its customers is not just a nice-to-have, it’s necessary for survival. So, what can marketers do to improve customer experience? In Tuesday’s webinar, “How ABM can Elevate Customer Retention and Drive Upsell” Andre will address specific tactics and best practices B2B marketers can take in customer-centric ABM. He will share actionable insights you can take to craft attention-grabbing campaigns and give examples of how to defend your customer base from competitors. 

Despite popular opinion, account-based marketing isn’t just about new business acquisition. ABM can and should be used to elevate the customer experience, boost retention, and drive upsell and cross-sell opportunities. During the webinar, attendees will learn how to prove to customers that you’re invested in their success because at the end of the day, that investment doesn’t go unnoticed. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it! Register to attend here: https://webinars.demandgenreport.com/campaign-optimization-series/2020/how-abm-can-elevate-customer-retention-drive-upsell/?partnerref=COS20-Sponsor-Triblio