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As we inch closer to 2021, we want to continue to help our fellow marketers feel prepared for what’s ahead in the martech industry. In doing so, next Tuesday, November 10th, we’ll be hosting the webinar, “Level Up Your ABM Program with Buying Signals and Predictive Orchestration” at 2pm ET. Triblio’s CEO, Andre Yee, and Malachi Threadgill, Forrester’s Principal Analyst of Demand and ABM will be addressing the growing gap between the buying signals marketers collect and those used to further pipeline growth. You can register here: https://triblio.com/webinar-predictive-orchestration/

We are beyond thrilled to have Malachi join us for this thought-provoking webinar offering practical and actionable steps attendees can take to achieve ABM success. With nearly 20 years of experience, Malachi has worked with telecommunications and software-as-a-service organizations developing and implementing marketing strategies. His primary focus during the last half-decade has been leading marketing transformation efforts for Masergy, a global networking, UCaaS.

Why You Should Attend:

In the past couple of years, B2B marketers have really embraced intent data. Most marketing and sales leaders today recognize the increasing potential of using buyer intent to inform their targeting and messaging decisions. Marketers understand the key to leveraging purchase intent is to combine both first and third-party data to gather valuable insights on their target accounts. However, according to Forrester’s annual State of ABM Report, there’s a discrepancy between the signals marketing teams gather and what’s used to move the needle.

On Tuesday, Andre and Malachi will break down exactly how modern marketers are solving this data-to-execution gap. They’ll be using the latest, most innovative ABM orchestration case studies as well as SiriusDecisions’ global research to answer:

  • What exactly are buying signals and how do they relate to the intent data you’re already collecting?
  • Why use buying signals in your marketing and sales campaigns?
  • How do leading practitioners use predictive orchestration to operationalize your buying signals?

We are looking forward to addressing critical questions on the gap between data-collected vs data-used and providing key insights on how to operationalize collected data to optimize your ABM programs. Trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

Join us next week: https://triblio.com/webinar-predictive-orchestration/