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WealthEngine increased total digital leads by 10% in two weeks

Using Triblio, WealthEngine, 2015 Gartner Cool Vendor for Data-Driven Marketing, serves account specific CTAs by customer vs. prospect and by industry.

Account-based slideouts increase sales requests and product usage

Triblio’s account-based slideout CTAs appear while visitors are engaging on the website. WealthEngine will deliver a different CTA to encourage upsell product trial or sales requests for customers at different stages. Personalization is based on IP address, marketing automation lists, and marketing campaign. With account-based slideout CTAs, WealthEngine is on an annualized pace to capture several hundred more sales requests and product upsells.

Account-based slideouts for a 66% increase in email inquiries

To acquire top accounts, WealthEngine uses Triblio to integrate personalized landing pages by account name, rep name, and relevant content. Not only can the messaging, links, images, and CTAs be personalized by audience segment, but additional slide-in and pop-up offers can be applied to the pages to truly reinforce the customized messaging and increase demand generation.

Slideout and popup methods matter

Triblio’s technology gives marketers control to choose the best slideout or popup method to achieve results. For example, blog traffic visitors should see CTAs before exiting the page because blog pages are an entry AND exit page. If visitors are at your product page, however, they are engaged. The best tactic would be to slide out a relevant CTA after the visitor has been on the page for more than a few seconds.

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