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Are you using account-based marketing to improve sales and marketing relationships? If you’ve heard sales reps complain that messaging on the website is misaligned with their customer conversations, consider web personalization. I’ll show a few examples of how website personalization can be a useful account-based marketing tactic to align with sales.


Static Website Messaging Can Hurt Sales

When I was working at Vocus, the sales reps were happy that I generated leads from the website, but they complained that website messaging caused them to lose deals. One rep told me that competitors said to our customers, “Vocus doesn’t care about their PR software customers any more. Just look at their website.”

It was true, and I’m sure we lost deals to our competitors. Our website focused on one target segment, the marketing departments, but ignored another segment, the PR departments.


Web Personalization, an Account-Based Marketing Tactic

Instead of ignoring key segments, personalized web channels can dynamically serve messaging that appeals to all segments. Website messaging can be in sync with sales conversations. As a GM of ecommerce at Dell, we personalized websites for specific accounts with a program called Premier Pages. Each customer got their own website storefront with personalized product messaging and pricing. As sales and marketing working together to drive Premier Page usage, share of wallet from customers increased. I sometimes saw customers’ revenue increase 200% once they had a personalized Premier Page.

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A Visual Example of Personalization

Today, website personalization can be used throughout the purchase cycle for awareness, purchase, upsell, and retention. Consider Savi, a leader in sensor analytics solutions for organizations that face critical decisions based on the location and status of their assets. They have two distinct customer segments, commercial enterprises like Abbott Labs and government agencies like the DoD. Each segment requires specific marketing and sales tactics.

With web personalization, Savi can personalize the home page on their website for any organization. If a government agency employee visits their home page, they can see government-focused messaging, images, and content like this:

Web Personalization

If it an employee from the Fortune 1000, they can see corporate-focused messaging, images, and content like this:

Website Personalization

Sidra Berman, Savi’s VP of marketing, can now have her marketing team tailor website messaging to specific segments to support her sales teams when they are selling to specific accounts. In this example, the Savi home page is personalized by firmagraphics, but the website can also be personalized by specific account, persona, and sales rep assignment or visitor click behavior.


The ROI of Personalization

Used as a broad strategy, “Personalization can deliver five to eight times the ROI on marketing spend and lift sales 10% or more,” says the strategic consultancy McKinsey. But website personalization alone can also generate marketing ROI. At Dell, we found that customers who used Premier Pages for a personalized website experience, had more ecommerce revenue and higher share of wallet.

Website personalization is increasingly used as an account-based marketing tactic to achieve ROI. Nick Panayi at CSC, the Sirius Decisions account-based marketing program of the year winner, uses web personalization for account-based marketing. By personalizing his web channels for target accounts he saw website traffic increase 33% for target accounts and experienced more interactions with the sales team.

Nick Panaya

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While the numbers do add up for web personalization, to me the real ROI is when sales reps tell me, “Your website helped win deals.”

Jason Jue
Jason Jue

Jason Jue is currently cofounder and chief marketing officer of Triblio, an account based marketing software provider for the web. He was previously chief marketing officer of Vocus, a publically traded PR software provider; VP of marketing of Rackspace; and held positions at Dell as general manager of ecommerce in Asia and executive director of global SMB CRM.