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Web Personalization


Web Personalization

What is web personalization?

Personalize web campaigns like email campaigns.

Web personalization dynamically serves the most relevant content, CTAs, and messaging for stakeholders’ unique interests.

With account based personalization, each stakeholder in each account receives a unique web experience tailored to their needs. All of this happens before stakeholders even think about filling out a form or engaging with a sales representative.

Instead of ignoring key segments, personalized web campaigns can dynamically serve messaging that appeals to every segment. Dynamic content can be in the form of a HERO banner, website content, overlay cards, or content hub. Personalization can be applied to cross-channel campaigns, target accounts, user persona, and more.

Who needs web personalization?

Web personalization is a powerful tool in any organization’s arsenal. Bounce rates and landing pages are at an all-time high because visitors are presented with content that just isn’t relevant to their concerns. Personalization isn’t only for marketers. Create different personalizations by industry, geolocation, and more, and connect them to the responsible sales representative. 

With web personalization, marketers can optimize their campaigns and create a focused, cohesive web experience with everything from home page messaging all the way to content recommendations.

Running display advertising campaigns? Use web personalization to mirror the messaging and images of your advertising campaigns to truly synchronize the experience of your target accounts from their first impression to close.

Web personalization is for: 


  • Marketers that want to deliver the right messaging to the right people, no matter who or when
  • Account executives that want to deliver the right content recommendations and messaging at every stage of the buyer journey
  • Organizations that want to leverage their best content and repurpose it in meaningful ways
See how Triblio can personalize your campaigns.

Use Triblio to personalize your web and cross-channel campaigns:

  • Increase account score and conversions for your email campaigns and digital advertising campaigns by creating custom web campaigns
  • Maintain consistent messaging across sales, web, email, and social channels
  • Target contacts within accounts according to role while they learn about your product with personalized web pages, overlay cards, content hubs, or microsites
  • Deepen engagement and reduce bounce rate by personalizing content to specific personas and account interests
  • Create customized website content consistent with email campaigns for every email list segment
  • Target prospects’ location to promote geographically fitting and interest-considerate events
  • Simplify user experience by automatically generating personalized product information based on specific accounts, audience segments, and company size
  • Create and execute personalized campaigns without needing IT knowledge.

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