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2020 has been a year like none other. We’re sure you’re agreeing from the other side of the screen. However, we at Triblio think that this years’ twists and turns made the sweet moments sweeter. As we near the end of 2020 and kick off the holiday season, there’s a lot to be thankful for. Hear from some of the Triblio family on what they’re grateful for from this infamous year.

David Nictotra, Customer Success Manager 

I am grateful for the growth of my family with the addition of our newest little one, Kezia. In a year that has been full of difficulties of various kinds, it is a beautiful thing to get to celebrate new life!

Susan Xie, Content Marketing Manager

I’ve never been more aware of feeling thankful for time spent with close friends and family. Maybe it’s the chaos of 2020 that makes even the smallest moments of kindness and connection feel extra warm—waking up to a full pot of coffee made to share, working among too many laptops piled high on the kitchen table but you’re with your chosen quarantine crew so you don’t mind, sitting around a fire way past when it got too cold out because friends are worth it.

Jamal Henderson, Customer Success Manager 

I’m thankful for the reset – 2020 forced a lot of us to hit reset on our lives. During my reset, I was able to set new goals and pick up new skills and hobbies.

Michelle Hussain, BDR Team Lead 

This year I’m thankful for those around me – personally and professionally. 2020 tested us all in more ways than one, and I truly feel that those around me have pushed me and inspired me to grow. I have great people in my corner and am looking forward to supporting each other further in the new year!

Eddie Maglaya, Sales Director

I’m thankful for being able to work from home and spend so many months with my kids and wife. While it was stressful juggling kids and tons of sales activities, I was able to take breaks and get some quality time in too. I’ll never get these years back and I’m so grateful for quarantine for giving me time.

Rania Farage, Software Engineer 

I’m thankful that Wooboi opened in Alexandria, near me! This is a great treat while working from remotely – lunch is served!

Ryan Kahle, Software Engineer

I am thankful for our family dog, Lola. Being homebound with the fall weather, it’s nice to have an excuse to go out and enjoy the day and take a walk! Or just play fetch in the backyard.