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Winshuttle saw a 170% lift in traffic and inquiries from accounts targeted with their first cross-sell campaign

Winshuttle has solutions for SAP environments that serve the many diverse functions, so their first sale into an account is only the beginning — most revenue is from cross-sells into their base. With so many departments and business units across the organization, Winshuttle found it difficult to successfully activate demand throughout.


ABM Case Study

About the Company

Winshuttle simplifies SAP business processes with automated solutions for data movement, workflow applications, and data governance. Winshuttle is based out of Bothell, WA.

“Set up our Triblio campaign on Friday, saw results by Tuesday”

Mary Lee

Vice President of Marketing, Winshuttle

Winshuttle’s ABM Problem

Many different departments could use Winshuttle’s solutions in a single company. The problem was that activating demand across those multiple departments was difficult. 

Winshuttle needed to increase the engagement from decisionmakers in these relevant departments.

Triblio’s ABM Solution

Triblio coordinates account based advertising campaigns with web personalizations so Winshuttle could reach key roles across their enterprise customers. In doing so, Winshuttle was able to sell their diverse range of products and solutions all at once without diluting their message.

Account Based Advertising

Winshuttle targeted their account based advertising campaigns to stakeholders in relevant departments. With account based advertising, ad spend is concentrated on target accounts. 

Winshuttle’s targeted advertising campaigns saw 16x higher click-through rate compared to the industry standard. 

Web Personalization

Winshuttle then linked their display ads to a personalized home page that matched the messaging and imagery of the specific display ad. 

The combination of account based advertising and web personalization resulted in a 170% lift in traffic and inquiries from their target accounts. 

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