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In today’s episode of Triblo’s B2B marketing podcast we interview Zapier’s Content Marketer: Danny Schreiber

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How has content marketing impacted Zapier?

Zapier’s content marketing has gotten people talking, it’s made people notice the brand. If it wasn’t for Zapier’s “stand out” content they probably wouldn’t have been part of Triblio’s Content Marketing Podcast Series. Content marketing has been a vehicle to introduce Zapier to a brand new audience and Zapier’s blog has been a vehicle to talk about the company but mainly to talk about problems customers might face and offer solutions to those problems. Zapier likes to have fun with the product and their content is meant to be friendly and helpful without being staunchy, technical or complicated. From beginner to advanced users the Zapier blog has content that would be of value for everyone.

What’s your process in generating content ideas?

The first year or so, Zapier focused on sharing their company story. As they grew they created a content marketing strategy that focused on the customers and content that they would find valuable. Zapier looked at the personas of the people that were signing up and found that marketers, small business owners, designers and developers were the most frequent users of their product so it developed content around these personas. It also included a lot of content on productivity since that was one of the main areas that Zapier helped all customers with.

Zapier also made sure to deliver content in various forms that would resonate better with their audience, some examples include: App Guides, Google+ Hangouts and Comprehensive Long Form Articles.

How is the content marketing for a startup different from a Fortune 500?

In a startup you’re testing different things and fail quite a bit. Startups tend to test and move on or execute after seeing results from small tests. Startups don’t want to dedicate any more resources to campaigns that don’t immediately show some type of return. So in a startup environment you can expect a faster paced marketing cadence.

Startups tend to focus on the channels that they’ve had proven success with and minimize marketing risks and heavy “all in one basket” expenditures like tradeshows and expensive video series.  Startups have to be resourceful and do a lot with a little.

How do you decide where to start?

There’s a temptation to try a lot of things but you should really start with what you know the best. For Zapier it was doing interviews and specifically interviewing influencers. Zapier and Danny wrote articles with shout outs to influential people and those influencers and brands liked the articles so much that they willingly shared it across their network, thereby giving Zapier tons of free exposure.

What are the publications & content marketing leaders that you follow?

@DannyAway from @Zapier loves following @andrewchen, @GregoryCiotti, @SeanBlanda, @BelleBCooper ” – Danny Zapier, Content Marketer @ Zapier (TWEET THIS

What brands are doing content marketing really well?

Help Scout. Help Scout has this fantastic blog only once a week but every one of those blog posts is golden.

Intercom. Their blog is unique because there’s so much internal knowledge shared there. What’s also neat is that a cofounder writes several blog posts there.

Groove. Groove has this blog where they let you know everything that happens along the way. They’re huge on transparency and share their story in full details.

Unbounce. Unbounce is another fantastic one. They pull you in with this fantastic content and have a wonderful team of writers that produce excellent content.

Buffer. Buffer seems to be everywhere. They have a fantastic PR strategy with their transparency, which is also a really neat internal company guideline that they follow.

Danny from @Zapier says that @HelpScout, @Intercom, @Groove, @Unbounce @Buffer are brands that are doing excellent content marketing” (TWEET THIS)


What’s next for content marketing?

Syndication isn’t just happening on Fast Company or on The Next Web but it’s happening on people’s own personal channels like on LinkedIn Publisher and Medium. We’re going to see more of these blogging platforms allowing brands to publish content with a different approach that has built in distribution and syndication.

No matter what kind of strategy you take, what wins at the end of the day is a really great story and that makes the content compelling.” – Danny Schreiber, Content Marketer @ Zapier (TWEET THIS)

At the end of the day compelling content gets surfaced, so strive for syndication in places that give this stamp of, “This is worth your time,” and that’s a good way to measure that your content marketing strategy is worth your time.