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Select an audience for account based marketing campaigns

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Track engagement, leads, and opportunities by account

“…driving a significant increase in new leads…” Jeremy Barlow, demand gen leader at Cision

↑ 30% in-target leads – Digium            ↑ 3x sales meeting engagement – Savi            ↑ 221% demand – Metalogix

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ABM is a strategy to focus sales and marketing effort and resources on target accounts across the entire buyer journey to increase revenue. Triblio’s account based marketing (ABM) software provides 1:1 account marketing at scale across the buyer journey to generate demand and engagement from target accounts. Using our software, clients can set up ABM campaigns in minutes and see results in days.

For the first time ever, marketers can target accounts with web campaigns as easily as email campaigns. Triblio’s web campaigns empower marketers to dynamically personalize messaging and CTAs to specific accounts and personas. Learn how the most innovative marketers instantly boost campaign success with Triblio.

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